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Fragmented, obscured
A culling of words
Into recessed sub consciousness
I’m falling
Primal shift to balance
Caress to talons
Serpentine Dissimulation of the ego boundaries
And here is your perch
On oldest of birch
Cocooned in defense
From words of offense
Owl and lion as one
Engulfed in the sun
Cavalcade of secret treasures
Surpassing all measure
Seems to me lately, words are your test
Gauging my actions and words from the rest
“Nothing stays sacred, no secrets kept”
Concealed intentions with brambles adept
I wonder what horrors befell your past
To make you so distant, so cold and downcast
I offer no struggle, no struggle you give.
No words of harsh judgment
On the life that you live

Fragment perceptions
Weary companion

Like a child I confide:

Is thou the river, or is thou the tide?
Bear the wanting of my future life?
Or a relapse to my former lies?
Holding secret words close to your chest?
Or does no heart beat warm within your breast?
Experimenting in futility?
Or proof of life in mystery?

Fragmented memories scattered and strewn
Come into focus then flee all too soon
All I hold sacred, no secrets I keep
No longings for god or a faith or belief

So lucid my conscience, so clear is my sight
Held onto my essence in the face of this blight
And as the glass shattered, fragments pierced my skin
I did not submit I would not let you win

No one will rule me, or the shards of my mind
Its all I have left but it all still is mine
Jigsaw discernment my memories be
Putting the pieces together for me
From ashes of old the new shall grow strong
Never forgetting this terrible song
Migrate from this wasteland as birds flying south
Remembering always the taste of blood


from Zughenruhe, released June 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Audiocentesis St Paul, Minnesota

Hailing from the frigid plains of St. Paul Minnesota, USA; Audiocentesis is a two man Dark Electro/Aggrotech band that is the brainchild of members Zeta and Jormungandr.

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